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Picnic in the Park is now a significant annual event in the small Northampton village of Pattishall .

For the first 3 years the event was run by the Pattishall Playing Fields charity who alongside the Pattishall Parrish Hall charity raise funds and maintain the Parish Hall and grounds which is the wonderful location for Picnic in the Park.

As the event has grown the risk and liability has also significantly increased. It was decided that a separate organisation would be created with its sole purpose to run this and other events in the Parish.

In 2017 Pattishall Events C.I.C was formed as a voluntary community organisation to run this and other philanthropic events.

Our aims and benefactors

Pattishall Park Events is a not for profit organisation run by a voluntary committee.

The main aims of the organisation are:

1. Become a proficient events company capable of staging significant local events of a professional standard. As a result its asset base will expand to include equipment needed for staging such events. Expertise and equipment can be deployed cost-effectively for use by local people, groups and businesses to bring other activities into the area for the benefit of the local community.

2. Support Pattishall Hall and Playing fields Associations. As the Associations provide for the venue of Picnic in the Park we will continue to support the ongoing maintenance and improvement projects for this essential local amenity. This dedicated project seeks to make the hall, and grounds, accessible to all society, especially the disabled and those with reduced mobility as the current car park and pathways are inaccessible to many Read more about this mission here.

3. Provide grants to local causes such as schools, community groups or deserving individual cases local to the Pattishall area. It is common for local projects to be hampered due to economic conditions or budget cuts. We aim to support projects which provide a direct benefit to the local community.

Our mission

To provide a fabulous local festival bursting with great music and culture, varied food and drink and other attractions which is accessible to everyone. Where families come together for a day of fun, safe, affordable entertainment which caters to all generations. As a result we raise money for local projects providing support to amenities, clubs, schools and other local causes.

Our vision

Pattishall Picnic in the Park volunteersWhy would we, a group of volunteers, expend so much time and energy to make this event happen each year?

Our vision is to bring families together on a day where they can feel safe and relaxed filling minds with fantastic memories, creating recollections and conversation for weeks, months, even years to come.

Music is emotive and having fun is memorable.

Five years ago we could not have predicted that this simple idea would now provide the backdrop for a day of fun which so many people enjoy. The second Saturday in July is a firm diary date for many local families, offering an eclectic mix of quality entertainment set against the backdrop of gazebos, picnic blankets and hampers.

So who attends Picnic in the Park?

In 2018 1500 people attended Picnic in the Park. Historically our audience split is 64% Adults, 26% Children and 10% teens.

The core audience is from Pattishall and surrounding towns and villages. However, it does provide a central meeting point for extended families who use Picnic in the Park to congregate at and some family members have traveled hundreds of miles to attend.

The event is accessible to all with adult day tickets affordably priced at £15 with the benefit of kids 'going free' again this year.

Our goal is to grow Picnic in the Park to a 5000 capacity event within the next 5 years attracting bigger and better acts to dazzle the residents of Pattishall and surrounding areas.

Pattishall Events CIC

19 Church Street
NN12 8NB
Pattishall Events is a community interest company registered in England and Wales with company number 13935591