Laser Tag

Families and thrill-seekers can step into a world of fun and excitement with the mobile laser tag maze at Picnic in the Park 2024! The custom-designed maze features 28 different rooms, offering plenty of space for players to choose their own style of play. Laser Tag is one of the most popular activities, perfect for school activity days, parties, weddings, fetes, and fairs.

The concept is simple: players step inside the TARDIS-like maze and try to tag the opposing team with their phasers without getting tagged themselves. Scores are shown outside the maze, and the team with the most points wins! With the new set of inflatable bunkers, this activity is now suitable for wheelchair users as well.

The Laser Tag game is fully mobile, allowing 10-12 players at any one time and comes complete with a scoreboard, so spectators can see a live display of which team is winning. Rounds of 3-5 minute games are usually run as part of a tournament, giving participants just enough time to cool down before their next game.

Whether looking for a thrilling adventure or just some fun and excitement, the Laser Tag maze is the perfect activity. Picnic in the Park 2024 invites everyone to join and experience the ultimate laser tag adventure!

All day wristbands will be available to purchase on the day for £5.

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