The perfect Picnic in the Park

The summer is coming and so is Picnic in the Park. We all love the summer and everything it encapsulates; the long, hot, sunny days (hopefully), scrumptious BBQ aromas coming from people’s gardens, all the trees and flowers being in full bloom, flip-flops, a cheeky glass of vino (or three) with friends on a balmy summer evening, eating alfresco style, paddling-pools, picnics and possibly some live music at the outdoor music venue of your choice – Pattishall Picnic in the Park, obviously! But how do you have the perfect picnic, what should you include in the ‘oh so important’ picnic hamper? We have put together our idea of the perfect picnic day out to give you some inspiration.).

It all starts with (believe it or not) your choice of clothes, you want to be comfortable as you are most likely to be sitting on the ground at some point (unless you are posh and super organised and you have your own chairs). Shorts are always a good option, complete with a pretty top (for girls) and a trendy t-shirt/short (for the guys). Complete the summer look with a pair of your favourite flip-flops or sandals and get those toe nails manicured and painted to add a little colour. If you are planning on staying late, a jumper or cardigan in case it gets chilly is a good option too.

Next on the agenda is what to pack food-wise. The perfect picnic would be packed and stored in a lovely wicker picnic hamper, complete with plates, cutlery, drinking equipment and for those that enjoy the finer things in life, a couple of champagne flutes too. Depending on your budget and food tastes, sandwiches are a no brainer but it is all the little extras that help to make that picnic perfect. Cocktail sausages, cheese and biscuits (maybe some chutney and/or pickle), chicken drumsticks, slices of apple and pear, pork pies, olives perhaps and, of course, to round it off with that sweet taste of summer, some strawberries are a must have. Don’t forget the soft drinks too for the kiddie-winks or those that are driving.

So, you have your clothes on and your picnic hamper packed. Now it’s time to remember the other important elements to help make your day perfect. These extras include the picnic blanket, sun cream, sun glasses, wipes (for those sticky fingers), sun hats if you or your family are prone to turning a bit pink and the all important camera to catch those precious moments.

All set, ready to go … now get out there and have a fabulous day at Pattishall Picnic in the Park or wherever your picnic venue is and, should you have forgotten anything, you can always bring some pennies to spend during the day. Have fun people!