Meet the team

We’re a small team of happy simple folk


Kids Entertainment manager (hi de hi)

Sasha’s not very tall so we thought she might be down with the kids, therefore she qualified as the kids entertainment manager.


Band manager (one time in band camp ...)

Dave’s a drummer so we thought he might know a few decent bands, anyway he Googled it and found some anyway.


Copywriter and Carft Fair Manager

Anything you’ve read about Picnic in the Park was probably been written by Suzanne.  Also responsible for getting you dancing on the day and the quality control of chips.


Building things bloke

The only one of us who has a driving licence for power tools, anything which needs building comes under Paul’s control. If anything collapses on the day blame him!


Grants manager

Lynn is our official grant officer. As she used to work in banking we thought she’d be good with money and filling in forms (she hadn’t heard of Ska before joining our team, get ready for the Two Tones Lynn!).


Event Director

Ultimately in charge of the whole event, so Johnny doesn’t have much to do! He’ll be found in the beer tent, and probably making his legendary sausages for sale on the day.


Ops manager

it’s up to Jon to make sure we have security fencing, floodlighting and the all important generator, among other things (you’ll find him driving the Gator most of the time).


Marketing, systems, sponsorship, treasurer ...

Responsible for online and offline marketing activities, websites and systems, sponsorship program and treasurer, so not much really.