A new focus on activities for kids at Picnic in the Park 2018

Picnic in the Park 2017 was a milestone event, this was for various reasons;

1) This was the first year running the event under the newly formed Pattishall Park Events community group

2) We had sun all day without 1 drop of rain!

3) We had the single most profitable result in the history of the event


4) Sasha France attended for the first time.

Now you may ask the significance of the last point, which to the uninitiated is a fair question. Well, Sasha hadn't attended the event before, and although her children attended the local school, she and her family lived a few miles away so therefore had never experienced the day for themselves.

Her question to fellow mums in the playground was 'what do I need to bring for the kids to do? I'm sure they might get bored'. She was quickly reassured that her kids would have a 'whale of a time' and it was likely she'd see very little of them, probably only surfacing when they need money, food or drink!

As Picnic in the Park is a completely safe environment for kids, the whole of the arena is fenced and all gateways are manned so the kids cannot escape!

Well, as predicted Sasha's kids had a blast, allowing her to really enjoy the day too.  She enjoyed it so much she decided to join the organising committee.

We are so pleased to welcome Sasha as one of newest members of the organising team. She now owns the prestigious title of 'Children's Entertainment Manager', clearly she has found her calling in life.

Since joining the team Sasha has been busily planning a whole host of extended activities for kids to do at Picnic in the Park, and 2018 looks set to be yet another milestone event, the kids will not believe whats in store for them on the day.

In total Sasha is planning up to 8 separate zones and activities for children of all ages. Although at the time of writing she is still in the planning stage, a taste of things being organised are:

Circus workshop
Kids disco
Movie night
Football tournament
Glitter tent
Real life princess
Hair and make up demos
Music workshops
Up close and personal with Brooke Layla from the Voice Kids
Photo booth
Go Kart race
Bubble makers
Stilt walkers
Traditional toys
Toddlers beach, and the list goes on

We are not sure how Sasha is going to fit all of this into just one day (maybe we'll have to extend the event in future just to accommodate the kids' activities).

Sasha's involvement this year has been a welcome addition to the team. We are really looking forward to seeing the kids' faces on the day.

Finally, Sasha is looking for volunteers to help her coordinate activities on the day. If you could spare some time on the 14th July she would really appreciate your help. This year we have teamed up with South Northants Volunteers Bureau who are coordinating our volunteer recruitment process. Details about all volunteering opportunities can be found here